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Our golf club fitting service offers a personalized fitting session designed to ensure that your clubs are tailored to your unique swing. Our experienced and knowledgeable fitters use state-of-the-art technology to analyze your swing and find the perfect clubs for your game. With the proper clubs, you'll be able to take your golf game to the next level.

A Cobination of Trackman Performance Studio, The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 3D and the knowledge and experience of our fitters will dial in all the numbers to fit the clubs to your swing.

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Mizuno Golf Club Fittings

Fitting Fees $100*




*Fitting fee is complimentary with purchase of clubs


Multi Club Fittings $150

Includes ball fitting and complimentary case of Mizuno balls.


Do You have the Shaft Right For Your Game?
As a part of our fitting process we get your swing DNA using Mizuno's Latest Shaft Optimizer 3D.  It takes only 3 swings with the Shaft Optimizer 3D to give us a list of top reccomended sha
fts that fit you.  

1.  It takes just three swings – To recommend iron lie angle, shaft, set makeup, hybrid shaft, metal-wood shaft and ball model
​2.  No such thing as a bad swing day – The Optimizer only measures how you load the shaft – not where the ball goes. So even if your ball striking is inconsistent at the fitting – the Optimizer can still accurately map your swing.
3.  No handicap, age or gender bias – The Optimizer can only see your swing and won’t have any preconceptions based on your handicap, age or gender.
4.  Reduces ‘fitting fatigue’ – By reducing over 50 possible shaft choices to a shortlist of 3. Even the fittest players fatigue after 20 minutes of hitting balls.
5.  It consistently matches what top fitters recommend – Players who have been fit on tour or at premium fitting boutiques nearly always find ‘their shaft’ in our three recommendations.
6.  We ignore shaft labels – Mizuno measures every shaft independently – before entering into our software.


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