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Club Repairs & Grips

Club Repairs and Regrips

  • Regrips - $4.50 per club

  • Reshaft - $20 per club

  • Expedited Reshaft (Epoxy) - $40 per club

  • Loft/Lie Adjustment - $5.00 per club

  • Extend/Shorten Club - $11 per club

  • Tighten Loose Head - $10 per club

  • Adjust Loft/Lie Putter - $7.00

Prices are for labor only. Parts costs will be determined by equipment requested. Our repair team is available to make the best recommendations and provide total cost estimates. Repair turnaround times will range from 24-72 hours, subject to part availability. 3G will make every effort to communicate best estimates of total costs and order completion dates.


​3G Golf carries in stock a variety of sizes and varieties of the most popular grips.  Brands include Golf Pride, Winn, Super Stroke, etc.  Normally we have a grip that will fit your needs, but we can custom order grips for quick delivery and repair, normally within 3-5 days.  If we have your grip in stock, we can regrip clubs within 24 hours.


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